Large Cut Quartz


The "Hex Amor" Cut Quartz


Amazing is one word to call it. This is a 571ct Quartz Steve Moriarty cut at Moriarty's Gem Art in Crown Point, IN. Steve has been cutting gemstones for over 25 years and this is definitely one of his largest to date. In the video below, you can see the step by step process that Steve Moriarty takes when faceting a rough gemstone. This is the largest gemstone that Steve Moriarty has ever cut. It weighs over 1/4 pound! That is huge. Think about the Diamond on your finger compared to this! Watch as this rough stone is transformed into a beautifully cut gemstone.


  • 571.8cts to Be Exact
  • 40 Hours to Preform, Facet, and Polish
  • It is an Optical Quartz
  • From the Ron Coleman mine in Arkansas


Want to Learn How to Cut Gemstones?


This video doesn't only show you the process of cutting the gemstone, but Steve gives direction on how to cut gemstones, including large gemstones like so you can try it on your own. Because Steve has been cutting so long, he is an expert at gem cutting and can help you through the entire process.



Want to see the Finished Piece?



See all the rare gemstones Steve Moriarty has cut on our website here, If you have any questions about this amazing Quartz gemstones or others, please feel free to contact us at Moriarty's Gem Art!