Glass filled ruby from Madagascar Filled rubies from Madagascar

When buying rubies you need to take great caution. Many of the rubies sold today are actually composites of leaded glass and ruby. These are very low quality rubies from Madagascar that have as much as 40% lead glass filling the voids and cracks in the ruby. Attached is a picture from ebay of a seller, gemlad 2002 using deceptive practice to sell composite ruby as natural. The picture shows the large gas bubbles in the glass filling. Gas bubbles are not present in natural ruby. This seller tries to enforce the deception by trying to make you believe these came from a jewelers safe stored more than 28 years. This material dates to no more than 10 years. Complaints to ebay of fraud by gemlad2002 fell on deaf ears. Caviot emptor, let the buyer beware. These rubies are being sold in retail stores, the internet and in rebuilt estate jewelry both unknowingly by the seller or with intent to defraud.

By Steve Moriarty