Custom Aquamarine RingThis is the new design by Christopher Michael Moriarty that he just submitted to the MJSA ( Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America ) Vision Awards. He won for a design a couple years ago at Gemvision...Best in Show. This year's design took him about 25 hours. From design, to modeling, to finishnig and setting this extraordinary ring.


What is in this Amazing Ring?


This is an 18kt Palladium White Gold ring that holds an amazing 17ct emerald cut Aquamarine that was cut by the owner of this website, Steve Moriarty. The Aquamarine is accented by four 5x3mm pear shape Blue Zircon gemstones, which weigh a total of 1.24ct. Then the tedious work of the Diamond setting, done by Michael Moriarty and Margo Corley include 182 bead set ideal cut brilliant Diamonds totalling a whopping 2.34ct! All this beautiful work set in 18kt Palladium White Gold.


Inspiration for This Custom Aquamarine Ring?


Christopher Michael Moriarty says this: "Originally inspired by the tapering lines of the Taipei 101 skyscrapers in Taipei, Taiwan, the design evolved into more complex angels and openings. I wanted the individual segments of the top of the piece to appear to be held in place by the Blue Zicons, and drape down from the Aqua. The shank flows from the bezels, gradually getting wider towards the bottom of the ring to help balance the piece."


My Thoughts?


As I (Jeff Moriarty) write up this post, I am amazed how this ring looks. I think it's some of his best work yet. And me, loving to travel, I think it's great that his inspiration was the Taipei 101 skyscrapers in Taipei, Taiwan. Shows that inspiration can come from anywhere. I wish my cousin luck in the contest and believe he could definitely once again win Best in Show with this piece.