Hi, I'm Chris Moriarty, I am the head designer here at Moriarty's Gem Art. Today I'm going to take you through the process of designing a new piece, and I'm going to show you a piece that I'm actually working on right now. The center stone for the piece I'm working on now is a [hematite 00:00:23]. This particular material is from Madagascar, and it has a really unique minty-blue color to it, which is what attracted me to the stone in the first place. It has a ... it reminds me of the [parity 00:0-:45] of a tourmaline, which is a really desirable stone.

I'll take inspiration for my designs from anything from architecture to artwork to nature. I've even been inspired by automobiles and motorcycles. This particular piece I really wanted to capture the fluid movement of the ocean, because the hematite has a deep blue color, and I wanted to highlight that with other blues. So in this piece you can see in the CAD drawing there's several different lines flowing through the hematite, so again the idea was to use sapphires, blue zircons, and diamond, to kind of mimic the different colors that you'd see in the ocean as it's moving.

Once I come up with the initial idea, I will model everything in a 3D CAD program. From this I can create a photo realistic render of the piece itself. This a render made from the computer model. And from there, the model itself can be exported to a 3D printer for rapid prototyping, or to the mill that we use here. Now a mill prototype that we use to cast the piece from. Keep an eye out for our next video where I'll be showing you the finished piece. And if you're looking for a truly unique piece of jewelry, a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry, come see me at Moriarty's Gem Mart. I'm Christopher Moriarty, thank you very much.

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