Mother's Rings in Palladium

Most of you are probably asking...what is Palladium? Well Palladium is a metal in platinum family. Many people have been chosing this metal instead of platinum due to the cost savings. The other big reason for choosing this metal is because it's hypoallergenic. Other great things about Palladium are that it's hard, not as dense as Platinum...and as mentioned before, it's much cheaper...but still around the price of gold or slightly higher.

Not Man-Made

And don't worry, it's not man made, it's a natural metal...and becoming more popular. This is why we started creating jewelry and mothers rings in this metal. All of the mother's rings we sell on are available in Palladium, you just need to call us with the style you like and we can give you a price quote within a couple minutes.

It's Whiter

Unlike yellow gold, which you usually coat in Rhodium to make it whiter, Palladium doesn't need this. It is naturally white...just like platinum.

The Weight

Now some women like heavier weight metals such as platinum while others don't. Well this metal will be more like the weight of gold...not nearly as heavy as platinum will be for the same ring.

So if you are looking for a mothers ring set in palladium, check out the entire collection of custom mothers rings here.