We're here near Hot Springs, Arkansas. We're in Jessieville and we're at the Jim Coleman Mine. This is a Quartz mine that you can come and you can fee-dig and you will find Quartz. Soon as we came, we started finding small Quartz crystals in nice clusters. You know, they're not big but they're really beautiful little Quartz clusters that only Arkansas produces. I mean, they have some of the best Quartz in the world, very high clarity material, and that's what we're here looking for. We're trying to find a piece that's three inches in diameter, which is very big, they don't have it in the shops here, but we're in search of it and we hope to find it today.


We'll show you some of the little clusters we found within one hour. If you look here, as we walked up to do this video, we just walked by this and it's got a beautiful cluster on top. I mean, they're not really well formed but they're just, really this big hunk of Quartz that has very nice clusters and we just walked up here on it, you know, and it's ours for free. So, come here to Jessieville and find your own Quartz. So this is what we found within one hour. Like I say, they're not big but really, really well formed crystals. Whoops, going to have to find that one again. Look at this little cluster. You know, if this were of large size, it'd be worth a lot of money. Still, these smaller crystals have some value. Little bigger piece, not quite so well formed but interesting pieces. You know, like I say, it's within an hour of us just looking and finding pretty much, very near the surface.


So, we're back from our trip. We drove about 2,000 miles but we had another purpose, a class to go to and this was just kind of a side trip. It really was a lot of fun. We got all these crystals. We were there about four hours. It was hot as can be, 95 degrees, high humidity, which seems to be every mine I go to seems to be in the middle of a desert or something. Was a little bit difficult because of the heat, but we found a lot of crystals. Just some cool clusters. I mean, this little cluster is just a little beauty, beautiful terminations. Here's a doubly terminated piece and then a lot of nice clusters here. Many of these still have the iron staining on them. You can take oxalic acid to it and it'll get rid of that and make a much clearer looking piece.


So, we had a lot of fun and found a lot of little points. You know, there is very little value here but everybody can have fun finding things. I've been to many mines that you're there all day and you don't find anything. At least here, every few minutes you're finding a crystal and you spend more times ... Maybe you'll find pieces this size. They do exist there. We didn't find any. These are a couple we found at a rock shop. Just really nice crystal, a nice big piece. For us, it'll be a nice saleable piece. Then I got this piece at another rock shop. This one to me is just amazing. There's like 10,000 crystals on here and then, just look at the formation of the one that's growing out of it. Looks like some kind of natural symbol or something but it's just a piece I just find amazing. If you look close at all the crystals that are in there, they're just all beautiful little at crystals. This one in the middle here is doubly terminated, just kind of makes a cross. My wife thought it looked like a butterfly. Just a really cool piece that we found at one of the local rock shops.


So, well worth going. These were, we went to a couple of the Coleman Mines that were in Arkansas. There's others by Mount Ida so if you get down that way, take some time, take the kids. They'll just have a great time looking through the dirt. Okay, if you have any questions about the mining or about Quartz in general, we do cut a lot of Quartz, not a lot of the clear material but we're doing Amethyst and Citrines, Prasiolites. So we've got a lot of material and that's all available on


Thank you,
Steve Moriarty