Steve Moriarty has returned from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show with a ton of great buys. He will be showcasing many of the gemstones in upcoming gemstone roundtables and in custom jewelry all year. In this video, he discusses some of his favorite gemstones he picked up this year.



Hi. I'm Steve Moriarty from Moriarty's Gem Art, the jeweler on the square in Crown Point. We're also available online at We've just returned from two beautiful weeks in Tucson. It was 70-80 degrees, sunny every day. We've come back to, of course, snow and cold.

Today we're opening up our goodies. I've got three boxes of stones that we shipped throughout the trip. We went out very early, a week before the big show started, and with the purpose of catching our regular suppliers coming in from other countries as early as possible because the first person gets the best pick. We did extremely well. We got a lot of nice unusual stones. A few things that we didn't get were the small tanzanites that I need.

Last year we spent most of our money on tanzanite because it was very available. This year was a difficult situation, mainly because the government control of goods trying to keep the cutting, within the country so my Indian suppliers that are usually my primary suppliers are not getting the goods that they need at this time. Prices were up and availability was down.

There were other things that were exciting. We got a lot of beautiful cut opals and some very fine rough, very unusual garnets. We got a few mahogany garnets, which is pretty much that rough's been gone for some time now, and some purple garnet that is pretty extraordinary as well as tsavorite garnet.

We'll open this box and see what's in it. While we were out there we took Rwanda amethyst cut pieces and this piece of rough. The purpose being that Gem A, who is the gemological institute in Great Britain, wanted me to bring the Rwanda amethyst to try and do a cover shot with Jeff [Scovall 00:02:11] for their magazine, which is the Journal of Gemology. We hope the picture comes out good and we do get on the cover.

This Rwanda amethyst, there's another material that has been gone shortly after it was discovered. These are some of the goods we brought back with us from the end of the trip, things like unbelievable opal. This is 81 carats and the color, it's just extraordinary. It's top crystal material and just remarkable size and remarkable beauty, and a couple of other opals, some really nice bigger tanzanites. I was able to get with really blue colors. Here's another one that I bought. I bought two rounds, which is a good thing. It's hard to get rounds and these colors are pretty extraordinary. I actually have two of them, which I didn't realize, but good to have rounds.

We've got lots of blue zircon. Blue zircon was available in very fine colors. Last year we missed our supplier by a day so we didn't get a lot of great stones, but we were there early enough that we caught them early and were first to go through all the zircons. Some more tanzanites with fine colors.

I do have more material coming in that'll be shipped in, but definitely short on tanzanites. Mint garnets, some really nice [tanzanian 00:03:53] special types. These are tough to get clean, but these were nice clean stones. A beautiful pair of matched oval tanzanites. I hopefully already have a customer for these, but they're nice big stones, like 11 carat each, a 22 carat total weight. Again, just beautiful color.

The tanzanites a bigger ones that I did get, or as nice of color as I've ever found. [inaudible 00:04:27] zircon. We bought a lot of blue zircon because it's a really good seller. Some sunstone, which we were at the sunstone mines and a friend of mine also goes to the same mine and he had some cut that came out quite nice. More tsavorite garnets, very nice colors, more sunstone and reds and orange. A nice morganite, more sunstone, red sunstone, kind of a mixed color sunstone, another really nice morganite, morganite, mahenge, malaya garnet. These are the ones that are pretty much gone now, but just a really beautiful color. For garnets, these are such rare stones. That's almost a peachy pink, looks like imperial topaz.

Another mahenge malaya garnet and another one. These are really, really tough to get. A red zircon. You don't usually get them this red. A peach colored imperial zircon. A plum garnet, not quite purple but really a great color. This is grape garnet.

Most of these are from Mozambique and very tough to get stones over two carats that aren't too dark or just finding stones this size. Umbalite garnet, which is similar but closer to rhodolites. A really, really nice pair of tourmalines, and that pair blue-green color that's highly desirable. A little tough to see with the iPhone but hopefully they show well.

We'll have a lot of this stuff online over the next few weeks. If you can come in and take a look it's really a great selection. One of our most successful trips. This is rubellite, another one very difficult to come up with. A little over six carats in a trilliant cut. Aquamarine, marquis, and this was a really, really cool tourmaline. A nice square cut. Just an outstanding color.

And another red sunstone. These are from Sunstone Butte. That's the first box. We got two more boxes to go through. We managed to get a lot of rare things in Tucson. I know there's some more sphenes and rubies. I got some natural big crystal blue topaz. If you get a chance and you're in the area stop by this week and take a look at the new things we've got. If you shop us online over the next several weeks we'll be putting more and more goods online.

Let's see what's in the rest of these boxes so stop by and come take a look. I think you'll find quite extraordinary things to look at here at Moriarty's Gem Art.