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4wop 1095

14K White Gold Shield Cut Opal Ring With High Quality Diamonds

14k white gold opal ring designed by Christopher Michael, our in house jewlery designer. This ring presents one shield cabochon opal cut by Steve Moriarty, owner of Moriarty's gem art store in Crown Point, IN USA, where nearly all of our jewelry and gemstones featured on this site are cut, manufactured, and/or assembled. The Welo, Ethiopian opal weighs 7.70 carats, measures 17.5 mm wide by 17 mm long, and is prong set. In addition, there are eighty-two prong set round brilliant cut diamonds that form a halo around the center opal. The accent diamonds have D-E-F color, VS clarity, with a total weight of 0.71 carats. The opal color is enhanced by blackening the mounting behind the opal. This ring has a split shank and was given a high polished finish.

Featured here is a 7 millimeter round cabochon Ethiopian opal set in 18 karat yellow gold. This is a custom design created by our in house jewelry designer, Christopher Michael. The opal is bezel set to protect the stone from normal wear and tear such as chips and scratches. An attractive and wearable design for an occasion. Simple, yet elegant this welo opal ring is sure to start conversations. The opal ring was given a high polished finish.

Welo, Ethiopia opals were discovered in 2008. The quality is finer than any we have purchased from Australia. Welo opals are generally considered to be the highest quality opal. Most welo opals are hydrophane, meaning it can soak up water. If placed in water the material will become glass clear and when removed it will get milky. After several days the material will return to its original beauty. What this means is that you should not swim with it, while washing your hands will have very little effect. The benefit of this material is that the riskiest part of traditional opal from other sources is drying out and cracking, called crazing, whereas this material will not craze from drying out. One way to identify hydro-phane opal is its characteristic of feeling sticky to your finger or when placed on your tongue. This characteristic also affect the weight which can change with humidity. Wearers of hydrophane welo opals want to remove jewelry before applying hairspray, lotions, hair dyes, etc. as this can ruin your opal. Toughness is another characteristic that Ethiopian opal out performs other locations. Tests by G.I.A. have shown that this opal is capable of withstanding drops to concrete from up to 4 feet with no damage. We do not recommend testing this but we have seen that this material is tougher then the Australian counterpart.

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