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Daylight Fluorescent "Superman Shield" Worlds Largest Hyalite Opal Gemstone 7.27 Carats


The rare gem from Zacatecas Mexico is to our knowledge the largest faceted opal of its type available. Cut by Steve Moriarty this material glows not only under a ultraviolet light it will also glow strongly in daylight particularly diffused daylight. Amaze your friends with this gem that glows like kryptonite and also has the shape of supermans emblem. This large and rare gem hyalite opal measures 16 x 12 x 9.5 millimeters. See more information in the attached videos. This material is slightly radioactive, just above background levels at 100 counts per minute. Most of this radiation is non penetrating to the skin. We have to leave it up to you as to weather it is wearable on a daily basis. There are other sources of fluorescent opal but this is the only source that shows this dramatic green in daylight. You don't need to carry a u.v. flashlight to show this fluorescence. Learn more about Hyalite Opal Here.

What makes jewelry & gemstones from us unlike anything else?

Our family has over 30 years of experience in the jewelry and gemstone business. Most of gemstones you see are cut by Steve Moriarty and all the jewelry designs were done by in house artist, Christopher Michael. No other company puts so much effort behind every gemstone and every design. Buying from Moriarty's Gem Art, you get more than gift, you get a story.

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