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Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is jewelry sold or traded to us by our in-store customers and we are offering the best of what we have purchased. We sell these to you at a low margin and as we did not make these items our return policy and warranty are limited to 10 days. Discounts from the original selling price is typically from 50-70%.

Some item are shown as white but are yellow gold and have been rhodium plated to appear white and will be described as being plated. We will maintain the plating for two years. After that time there will be a charge to maintain the plating. All white gold rings sold are also plated with rhodium to make them whiter. This plating can be replaced when it wears out or the ring can be returned to yellow at any time. Some items list a ring size range because or the type of stone setting, these ring are limited to a small range that they can be sized.