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  • Morganite Guide


    What is Morganite worth per carat?

    The “Gemguide” gives a wholesale value to Morganite in fine quality from $85 to $450 per carat. Most of what we have sold is from $100 to $225 per carat with excellent quality.

    What determines the value?

    The color is most important.  Most Morganite on the market is quite pale from peach to pink. Deeper color increases the value of it quickly.  The source where it comes from can be important as well. For example, Mozambique Morganite is irradiated to produce its color whereas Nigerian can be natural color or heated.  Nigerian of equivalent color should be more expensive than Mozambique due to type of treatment. Although there are other sources of Morganite these two are the most important in 2019.

    How do you clean Morganite?

    This gemstone is generally safe in ultrasonic cleaners or most cleaning solutions.  As with most colored gems steam cleaning should be avoided, so make sure your jeweler knows this.

    How do you keep it shiny?  

    Keep it clean. Use a brush and detergent regularly.  If in jewelry such as a ring or pendant, try to get to the back of the stone as Morganite quickly looses its brilliance when dirty due to its low refractive index. Ultrasonic cleaners that are efficient are available for under $100 for home use. 

    Is Morganite like Diamond?

    Morganite is gemologically very different than diamond.  Although it is relatively hard it does not come close to diamonds hardness, 7.5 - 8 compared to 10 moh’s hardness.  Big difference in refractive index which helps determine brilliance.  When cut correctly Morganite does display very good brilliance but not quite like diamond.

    Is it more or less expensive than Diamond?

    If we look at comparable color in Diamond, the price of diamond is 1000s of times greater than Morganite. A one carat fine Morganite compared to a fine one carat white diamond is $300 for the Morganite versus $7000 for the Diamond.

    What color is Morganite?

    Morganite ranges from peach to pink. Mozambique Morganite, because of the type of treatment is only peach colored.  Other sources the color can be from peach to pink.

    Does it change color? Maybe in different lights?

    Although all gems appear somewhat different in different light types, Morganite is relatively the same color in all light sources.

    What is the best color of Morganite? Pink? Peach?

    Both colors can be beautiful and the value of each color can be comparable.  I prefer the peach but when it come to light pink color it is hard to beat a nice Morganite for color purity.

    Can Morganite be enhanced?

    Much of the material marketed today is from Mozambique and has been irradiated to produce its color.  The color is stable.  Other sources including Nigeria, Brazil, Madagascar can be of natural color or some may be heated producing pink from peach colors.

    Does Morganite fade in the sun?

    Some peach colors can change from peach to pink with daylight exposure.

    Does Morganite cloud?

    Usually caused by oils and lotions coating the gem.  Surface scratches can also cause cloudiness and will require re-polishing to restore brilliance.  Otherwise cloudiness is not an issue. 

    Can Morganite be clear and colorless?

    If it is colorless it is known as goshenite. 

    How can you tell if your Morganite is a real natural stone? Is there a test? 

    Refractive index is the easiest test to see if your Morganite is real or fake. 1.577-1.583.  Specific gravity for rough and crystals. 2.72

    Are there man made Morganite?

    Yes, but rarely encountered in the trade.

    How hard is Morganite?

    At 7.5-8 hardness Morganite will not scratch easily and is a good gem for everyday wear even in rings.

    Is Morganite a good stone for an engagement ring that is worn every day?

    A very good choice for engagement rings as it is hard and tough.  After years of wear you may want to re-polish surface wear.  You will loose very little of the gem and it will be like new.  The key to keeping it beautiful is keeping it clean.  Buy an ultrasonic cleaners and use it often.

    Is Morganite a birthstone?

    No, it is not currently a birthstone. The list is ever changing. For example, Tanzanite is now considered a December birthstone, which was originally only Blue Zircon.

    Is Morganite a good investment?

    Only in extreme high quality like that you might find from Madagascar. Better would be stones like Tanzanite.

    What kind of stone is Morganite? Is it a quartz?

    No it is beryl related to emerald and aquamarine. Be3Al2Si6O18

    Is Morganite considered a precious stone?

    Precious and semi-precious are demeaning terms which were originally related to price and with the high price of many so called semi-precious gems these terms are no longer relevant.

    Where does Morganite come from and mined?

    Today’s dominant producers are Mozambique and Nigeria.  Other producers include Madagascar, Brazil, Afghanistan, California U.S.A and many others.

    How rare is Morganite?

    Currently it is readily available due to production in Nigeria and Mozambique.  Very high quality with deep color is difficult to acquire, but we do have that available in our store.

    Is there ethical conflict free Morganite?

    All of the current supplies are conflict free. 

    Are Morganites porous?

    Not porous.

    If you have any questions about Morganite, please contact us at Moriarty's Gem Art.

    Thank you,

    Steve Moriarty