Ethiopian Welo, Black & Fire Opal Gemstones - Moriartys Gem Art

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Our primary source of opal has been Australia up until 2008 when a new supply was discovered in the Welo province of Ethiopia. This new material is a hydrophane opal that can absorb and release water making it less inclined to craze which happens to many opals as they loose their water content. More durable than Australian material this opal is avaliable as white opal, crystal opal and occasionally black opal. The high transparency of much of this material allows us to facet it giving unique and unusual gems. Intense colors and high clarity typify this lovely opal. These are some of the largest opals we have ever owned. We have recently purchased a small lot of orange fire opal suitable for facetting and cabbing. The sizes are unusually large. Learn more about Ethiopian Opal here with our guide.