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Opal Engagement Rings

opal engagement ring

What is Opal? Opal is known as the cosmic stone because of its galaxy like appearance. Brides have been getting Opal Engagement Rings in replacement for diamonds because it gives a more dreamy and magical stone. It's the perfect stone for Autumn. The word "Opal" basically means "precious stone" and comes from silica deposits deep in the earth. For an Opal engagement ring, it's known to be one of the most powerful stones and symbolize the deep love of the relationship.

If you are wanting a custom made opal engagement ring, we can do that here at Moriarty's Gem Art! We do custom rings that are unique and all made by hand. Want a different shape of stone to your Opal? No problem! Or maybe you want a certain design on the ring. Bring us a picture or explain to us what exactly you wish for, and we can try and make it happen. Some of the materials we use are yellow gold, rose gold, and other metals like platinum.

There are many sites selling Opal Rings, so why choose Moriarty's Gem Art for your Opal engagement ring?

  • Everything is the same as the photos. Nothing is made from computer graphics.
  • One of a kind designs. No Copies.
  • Created in house at our retail jewelry store in the Chicago suburbs
  • Available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold metals
custom ring designs

Custom Engagement Ring Design

Moriarty's Gem Art is known for their custom Opal engagement rings because we do it all by hand.  We work with expert jewelers to make the perfect ring for our customers. If you see a design on the internet, just bring it to us and we can customize it. Then we cut and clean the Opal stone and place it on the ring.

Our Gems Come From Our Hands

Moriarty's Gem Art has many wedding and engagement rings to choose from, some being colored stones! That's because our owner, Steve Moriarty, goes and mines for the stones himself. All around the world, we have been there to pick out the best crystals and stones. When you get your stone, ask about where it came from because we will know exactly, so eat stone has it's own story.

custom ring designs

We live in Naperville and they were recommended by a friend in the city. Purchased our engagement rings from this jeweler. Steve was very help from everything from the Diamond selection to designing the ring. The ring was finished within two weeks and saved us big time vs going to Chicago. Have recommended him to my brother who is going to get married soon too.


My wife and I traveled to their shop last February in search of a tanzanite stone and custom ring. I knew what I wanted and had a sketch. Alice showed us several stones. Gave Christopher the sketch to start design. Well it is finally done and very beautiful. I love it and the experience we had at this store. So much so, I bought a pair of aquamarine gems for my wife.


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If you are interested in working with Moriarty's Gem Art to design your Aquamarine engagement ring please call us at 1-800-348-4499 or contact us through our online form here.