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4lcs 1863

Orange Oval Oregon Sunstone Gemstone 7.85 Carats

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One 7.85 carats oval orange sunstone from Oregon, pinkish orange color, SI1 clarity, cut grade excellent, measuring 10.8 mm wide, 14.8 mm long, 8.6 mm deep; with excellent polish and excellent symmetry. The proportions of the orange sunstone are as follows: total depth 79.6%, table width 49%, and a girdle thickness of medium to slightly thick. The orange sunstone also has a crown angle of 38° and a pavilion angle of 45°.  Just a touch of schiller (aventurescence) to identify it as sunstone without affecting it brilliance. We like to call it adventurescence as it was a great adventure to go to the Sunstone Butte mine in Oregon to find this fine sunstone.

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