Steve Moriarty from Moriarty's Gem Art discusses how to cut and polish quartz. Steve has been cutting gemstones for well over 25 years and in the video below he talks about his techniques for cutting quartz. He wanted to pass on information to help you polish quartz, which can be very difficult. He uses a Spectra Lap which is like floppy disk made by 3M. He finds it very effective to use on Quartz. Now I don't want to spoil the entire video, so below watch the video and you too can learn how to better cut and polish quartz.



  • Use a SpectraLap instead of a UltraLap (Has Cerium Oxide)
  • Use Extra Cerium Oxide (Increasing polishing power)
  • Use Water Sparingly
  • Use Enough Force on the Lap
  • If you see scratches on the stone, you may have hole in ultralap (use different part or replace)
  • Better polish, though edges may be more rounded