Chinese Door Knocker Custom Designed Ring

December 05, 2018

Chinese Door Knocker RingHere at Moriarty's Gem Art, we do a ton of custom designs for our local customers and for customers from our website around the world. This latest design was for a customer and it was really cool and unique.

The design called for a Chinese door knocker to be built into the sides of the ring, well this is what the customer wanted anyway. Any Christopher Michael Moriarty (the lead design here) went at it and came up with this design.

Chinese Door Knocker Ring


You can see this was all done with our CAD program, but Chris came up with the design and was able to put a picture to the idea in our customer's mind.


From that design, we cast the ring into 14kt white gold and set it with an amazing stone, which you can see from the original concept. The detail came out great. So what was the final outcome of the ring? Scroll down just a little further to see the finished ring with an amazing cats eye moonstone. If you are a fan of ours on Instagram you can see the video we made show the cats eye movement.

Want a ring like this Chinese Door Knocker designed for you? Just contact us!

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