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Zircon Engagement Rings

Zircon Engagement Ring Moriarty's Gem Art

Zircon is an historic gemstone and many customers have grown a liking to this stone. The most popular colors for Zircon are blue and green, and that’s why it’s becoming popular for engagement rings. Moriarty Gem Art designs, cuts, and sources the gems and make sure you get the best quality. Having years of experience in rings and gems, you can expect your engagement Zircon ring to be magical.

Designing Zircon Engagement Rings is one of the things we do here at Moriarty’s Gem Art. If you are looking for a unique Zircon Engagement Ring, we have those here plus more. Zircon is so special because it’s one of the oldest gems on Earth and still shines bright. If you are wanting a custom shape and design for your ring, Moriarty’s Gem Art can do that for you. You can design the ring, ask about color, and the material we use like white gold or metals.

What makes Moriarty’s Gem Art different from other jewelers? Why shop for Zircon Engagement Rings from us?

  • No computer generated stones or designs.
  • One of a kind designs. Each item you see here is the only one we have.
  • All designs are created in house at our retail jewelry store in the Chicago suburbs
  • Available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold metals
Custom Rings Moriarty's Gem Art

Custom Engagement Ring Design

Looking for Zircon Engagement Rings? Moriarty’s Gem Art has many types of Zircon Gems and Zircon Rings to pick from. We partnered up with jewelers to make sure you get the ring you want. But what if you are wanting a certain design? Bring it in! Our jewelers will try to make a design close to what you are looking for. After that, we take the Zircon Gem you picked and put it on the ring.

We source our own gemstones

Moriarty's Gem Art has wedding and engagement rings for sale that includes gemstones with colors that we sourced ourselves. We are a family run business and cut the middle man by doing it ourselves. Moriarty’s Gem Art has traveled all over the world, in places like Africa, to be able to find and mine our stones. You get a story with our stones.

Custom Rings Moriarty's Gem Art

I want to send a huge thanks to Alice for working with me personally to design the perfect engagement ring. The communication was prompt and timely, while the information they shared with me was detailed and concise. The ring itself is incredible, and I can't wait to pop the question!

Yamil Ruiz

Moriarty's Gem Art Jewelers fabricated a men's 18kt gold ring with tanzanite center stone. I just received it, opened the package and box and my jaw dropped. I was speechless. It is the most stunning piece of ART I have ever seen!!!!!!! I would highly recommend Moriarty's and no other.


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If you are interested in working with Moriarty's Gem Art to design your Aquamarine engagement ring please call us at 1-800-348-4499 or contact us through our online form here.