Rare Apatite from Madagascar

October 01, 2018 1 Comment


This is Apatite from Madagascar. The image above is of the dark (almost black/dark green) is unheated and natural apatite. This one comes out of the ground looking just like that. Can you believe it? The ones to the left are heated to the desired blue/green color. Apatite rough was widely available about 7-8 years ago, but is not as readily available now-a-days, which makes this even more rare.

Steve Moriarty has had these Apatite gemstones stored away in his vault for the past 6-7 years.We decided to bring them out to show our customers some of the rare gemstones available. At Moriarty's Gem Art, we have plent of cut Apatite as well. You can see a nice selection of Apatite here to choose from.


This rare gemstone is available in a variety of colors. You will mainly find blue apatite and green apatite varieties on the market. This is caused by the earth elements and natural radiation around where Apatite is formed and mined. If you took a look at our selection of Apatite you may think it looks like many other gemstones we have. This is very common. Because of the color, customers have been confusing it with Tourmaline. Most people have never even heard of Apatite, which is the cause of much of the confusion. It's a very rare stone, especially in sizes over 1 carat. In the past Apatite was only found in Brazil and Mexico, but Steve brought this rough back from Madagascar, an Island off the coast of Africa. From a jewelry point of view, this is a soft stone, so it is not recommended for rings. Most customers buying this have it set in a custom pendant.

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Claire Ector
Claire Ector

February 25, 2019

I have purchased an illakaka natural green apetite from gemporia the size of which is a solitare of 4.28ct. I am looking to learn more about this gem.

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