184ct BIG Natural Peridot Crystal - Moriartys Gem Art

184ct BIG Natural Peridot Crystal

  • Weight: 184.99ct
  • Natural Crystal Terminations
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 38.6mm x 23.6mm x 23.9mm
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Treatment: None

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This big fine peridot crystal has beautiful color, a good termination, and is very gemmy within. While the crystal faces are not crystal clear, they are very transparent and do allow you to see within the crystal. Many of these peridot crystals from Pakistan have this etched face to the terminations. The large size holds in the luscious green color, which is truly extraordinary and definitely could be considered the finest color in peridot.

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Each item comes with a full appraisal including pictures with insurance value.

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