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Big Trilobite (Drotops Megalomanicus)

This beautiful and large Drotops Megalomanicus Trilobite is an amazing display fossil. This creature lived in the Middle Devonian, which was around  419.2 million years ago (Mya), to358.9 Mya.  The white seam that you see running through it is calcite. At some point in time, this fossil must have cracked and shifted, which the void was then filled in with the mineral calcite. As with most fossils, there are repaired cracls, but the prep work is nicely done. This fossil was found at a locality in Issoumour, Alnif, Morocco. 

It weighs 1,450 grams and measures 169mm x 140mm x 57mm. 

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Each item comes with a full appraisal including pictures with insurance value.

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