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Rainbow Color Freeform Welo Opal Gemstone 35.20 Carats

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One 35.20 carats free form opal with greenish blue color and flashes of a rainbow of color. This opal was given an excellent cut grade and measures 28 mm wide, 36 mm long, 11.5 mm deep. The proportions of the opal are as follows: total depth 41.1%. This Welo opal has a snake skin pattern; this is characteristic that was only available previously in synthetic opals. However; in 2008 opals in welo Ethiopia were first discovered and this scale like cell pattern is formed naturally in these opals. This opal's free form shape looks similar to what you might see in a shell or even the shape of some coral and the blue color gives the impression of an ocean. This opal will look stunning in a pendant, possibly even accented with a pearl. We have an in house jewelry designer who can create your vision for a piece to house this exquisite gem. This opal has been cut here as well by Steve Moriarty, precision gemstone cutter and owner of our custom design shop in Crown Point, IN U.S.A!

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